ANNOUNCEMENT: Electric Football Alliance

Dear Electric Football Enthusiasts:

There are so many great people in this hobby. There are collectors, painters, decalers, artists, super competitive coaches, casual coaches, organizers and administrators, media people, and fans. They are all Electric Football ENTHUSIASTS. Crackin Plastic carries many of their stories. We’re really excited about the next chapter as we become the official journal of record for the Electric Football Alliance.

Chris Lemay of the The National Electric Football Game Museum has agreed to write a regular column. He will join our usual entertaining cast of contributors and hopefully lots more new ones. Crackin Plastic and the EFA will reach out and partner with every organization that wants to help our members get great discounts on gear, enjoy their home leagues and local events, and even attend our end of year Electric Football extravaganza and convention.

Stay tuned for more information as the EFA plans to Go Live in September of 2021.

Printing Hiatus

We’ve been putting out Crackin Plastic for 2 years. It has been fun and an honor to serve the Electric Football community. It is a great example of “you get more out of it than you put in”. There are some special projects coming up. Beyond that, I’m not sure what is in store for Crackin Plastic. We’re going to stop printing though. It’ll exist in some form. Thank you to supporters and subscribers. There will be a refund in your PayPal for what hasn’t shipped out yet. If you don’t see it, hit me up.

Special thank you to all our great contributors, Greg Ingold, Roger Fisher, Jim The Hulk Davis, Mark Holquin, Caedon Dorsey, Karen Kirchner, and all the great Custom Figure All-Stars.

Paul Pate, Publisher

Hulk’s Corner – March 2021

Let’s talk about the Big Ten in the Miniature Football Bowl Championship Series (MFBCS). There are two divisions. The West is mostly out of Chicago. But, Coach 55 (Dan Williams) from Detroit is leading at 3-1 with his Illinois squad. They won their first three games and then lost to Ron Christianson’s Wisconsin Bulldog’s on the last play by a score of 28-24. Phillip Anthony Ryan coaches Nebraska and Frank Johnson coaches Perdue in that division as well, and they have games in. There are six other teams, for a total of nine teams in the Big Ten West.

In the Big Ten East you’ve got me, The Hulk, with Michigan State at 5-0. There’s Michigan, coached by Damon Lucas at 3-2. There are seven other strong teams in the East for a total of 18 coaches competing in the MFBCS Big Ten. That’s great! You don’t get a lot of leagues that can gather that many coaches. There are some strong coaches here too, so the competition should be tough.

As far as my Michigan State Spartans, I can tell you we have a Heisman candidate already with Blake Ezor. He’s leading the country in rushing with 1,146 rushing yards in five games. The next closest rusher has 643 yards. To be honest, it was a mistake that Blake is so good. I had planned and wanted Lorenzo White to be my main running back. But our first game was against Jimbo Dunagan’s Ohio State and the board was so slow, Lorenzo wouldn’t run! So I had to give it to Ezor and he had a phenomenal game. So we stuck with him after that.

A fun fact is that the fifth leading rusher in the nation is our quarterback, Mike Marshall, who is actually a friend that went to Michigan State with me. He was Parade Magazine’s number one ranked high school player in the country in 1975. He ended up signing with MSU. Coach Muddy Waters recruited Mike as a quarterback. Before his freshman year started in 1976, MSU fired Waters and hired Darryl Rogers. Coach Rogers told Mike Marshall they weren’t going to have black quarterbacks. Mike moved to defensive back. He had two interceptions in a key win against Michigan that sealed a share of the Big Ten title in 1978. So he has his championship ring. He was a great player and he’s a good guy. For my Spartans, he plays quarterback.

I love being back on the gridiron! We had a great game day at Jimbo’s house, which is a really nice venue for Electric Football. There’s a lot of space in his basement. Everybody was keeping their distance and staying masked up with one or two masks. Jimbo was taking everybody’s temperature before he would let them enter. It was well done, a lot of fun, and safe. I just love playing, win or lose. There’s been some really great competition and we’re looking forward to the Horse Trailer Classic in Oak Grove, Kentucky, March 5th, 6th, and 7th. We’ve got our out of conference games scheduled against Brian Phillips’s Syracruse, Rafiyq McDanul’s Georgia, and Barry Stephenson’s Oklahoma. The best way to test your team is to face the best. That’s some stiff competition!!

March 2021 Cover

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