About Crackin Plastic

After a two year run as Electric Football’s print magazine, Crackin Plastic is now officially the journal of record for the Electric Football Alliance. It covers everything Electric football from the hobbyist, the painter, the super competitive coach, to the latest trend, and biggest event. If you’re wondering why you ain’t in it or you have something to contribute, find us on Facebook and leave a note.

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Printing Hiatus

We’ve been putting out Crackin Plastic for 2 years. It has been fun and an honor to serve the Electric Football community. It is a great example of “you get more out of it than you put in”. There are some special projects coming up. Beyond that, I’m not sure what is in store for…

Hulk’s Corner – March 2021

Let’s talk about the Big Ten in the Miniature Football Bowl Championship Series (MFBCS). There are two divisions. The West is mostly out of Chicago. But, Coach 55 (Dan Williams) from Detroit is leading at 3-1 with his Illinois squad. They won their first three games and then lost to Ron Christianson’s Wisconsin Bulldog’s on…